Turkmenistan Information

Human Rights Report

Under the dictatorship of President Saparmurat Niyazov, the government of Turkmenistan in 1998 continued to deny its citizensnearly every civil and political right. With no political opposition, no freedom of assembly, no opportunity for public debate, and a Soviet-style secret police, very little information on human rights abuses was available. One of the poorest of […]

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Turkmenistan Culture

The father of Turkmen literature is poet and thinker Fragi Makhtumkuli (1770-1840), whose words are held in great reverence. Born in an area of south-west Turkmenistan which now forms part of Iran, Makhtumkuli was something of a tragic figure. Trapped in a loveless marriage, he lost his two young sons to illness; later in life […]

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Turkmenistan Country Information

The most curious of the Central Asian republics, Turkmenistan resembles an Arab Gulf state without the money. It’s the second largest Central Asian country, but four-fifths of it consists of an inhospitable lunar-like desert called the Karakum which conceals unexploited oil and gas deposits. The country is sparsely populated and its people, the Turkmen, are […]

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