Traditional Theatre

Indonesian Performing Arts

Traditional Performing Arts of Indonesia The sober, majestic, and profound court arts of eastern and central Java, where Javanese is spoken, include wayang kulit shadow theatre, wayang orang unmasked dance, and wayang topeng masked dance. Shadow-puppet theatre It is uncertain whether the shadow theatre is indigenous to Java or was brought from India, but the […]

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Wayang Golek Theater

The Wayang Golek Theater of Java The painted wooden puppets on the preceding page are old examples from the still thriving and important folk art puppet theater of Java in Indonesia.  Although tourist shops now sell imitations of wayang golek puppets, the puppets illustrated on these pages were actually used for many years in theater […]

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Folk Theatre of India

Inhabited by over a billion diverse racial groups, India presents a colourful assortment of Folk culture, best portrayed through the unique art of Folk Theatre. Variously known as the Jatra (Bengal, Orissa and Eastern Bihar), Tamasha (Maharashtra), Nautanki (Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab), Bhavai (Gujarat), Yakshagana (Karnataka), Therubuttu (Tamil Nadu), folk theatre reaches out to […]

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