Artificial Vines, Orchids, Leaves & Plants

ReadyLeaf artificial vines, orchids, leaves and plants are a maintenance free solution for greening urban and suburban environments.

Why artificial plants and foliage?

Real plants and foliage are great if you have the time or the setup to grow and maintain them.  Water is a problem in many situations, then there is feeding, trimming, and spraying for pests.

Only buy the best

Strong emphasis is placed on quality control and we offer a full refund or replacement for any defective item.
Readyleaf tiles and plant wall panels are made with high grade recycled low density polyethelene.
They are free of heavy metals like cadmium and lead.
It’s important to note that not all recycled plastic is the same.  Some recycled plastics have impurities which can be toxic and can affect their strength and durability.
Readyleaf artificial vines, orchids, leaves and plants are UV stabilised with high-performance uv stabilising agents.

Eco ticks for artificial greenery

Why Readyleaf?

  1. Made from  recycled plastic. The plastic is low density polyethelene (LDPE) –  recycling number 4.  Recycling helps keep plastic out of the the eco-system.
  2. No watering.  Water is one of the earth’s most precious resources. Living walls use water.
  3. No fertilisers or pesticides. To stay looking good living green walls use fertilisers and pesticides.
  4. No maintenance. No special lighting or energy needs for maintenance. No trimming.

Our service is prompt and helpful, we work with you to achieve your desired result.
Not sure what you want? Let us help with suggestions and tips.

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