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Nepalese Cuisine, Food & Recipes of Nepal

Dal-bhat-tarkari is eaten throughout the country. Dal is a soup made of lentils and spices, served over bhat with tarkari vegetable curry. Usual condiments include extremely spicy chutney, either made from fresh ingredients, or any one of an array of fermented pickles. Accompaniments such as sliced lemon (kagati) or lime (nibua) and fresh chili peppers, known locally as khursani.

Some foods are a blend of Chinese, Tibetian and Indian foods, and in the example of momo. This Tibetian dumpling is made with Indian spices, originally filled with buffalo meat, but now also with goat, chicken meat plus various vegetables. Foods eaten during festivals include; Sel roti, patre.

Nepalese Cuisine, Food & Recipes

Nepalese cuisine reflects the cultural and geographic diversity of Nepal, with regional variations based on ethnicity, soil and climate.

Nepalese Dining Guide

Regular everyday Nepali food is very healthy, nourishing , practical and surprisingly tasty. However, during many festivals foods can contain an elaborate assortment gourmet delights. The typical daily food for most people consist of “Dal Bhat” which consists rice (Bhat), lentil soup (dal) and vegetables in curry (Tarkari) and/or meat (Masu) and a small amount […]

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Nepal Information

Nepal is a landlocked kingdom sharing borders with Tibet to the north and northwest, and India to the west, south and east. The country can be divided into five zones: the Terai, the Siwaliks, the Mahabharat Lekh, the Midlands or Pahar and the Himalayas. Nepal is known as the abode of the gods. For many […]

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Nepali Culture

The relaxation of censorship that followed the overthrow of Rana rule in 1951 encouraged a revival of artistic and intellectual expression. In literature and poetry, Nepali works emphasize the cultural renaissance and national patriotism. King Mahendra, a poet whose Nepali lyrics have been published in English translation under the name of M.B.B. Shah (for Mahendra […]

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Nepal Human Rights Report 2007

Nepal Country Reports on Human Rights Practices  – 2007 Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor March 11, 2008 Nepal, a country of approximately 28 million, is in a state of political transition. It is operating under an interim political system: a parliamentary democracy with a powerless constitutional monarchy. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala […]

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Nepali Desserts

Kheer Kheer 2 Besan Burfi Sewian Mango Ice Cream Gajar ko Halwa (Carrot Pudding) Rice Flour Pudding Gulab Jamuns Suji Halva Carrot Halva Rasgoola Burfi (Diamond Shaped Milk cakes) Kheer (Vermicelli Pudding) Recipe from Dalbir Chadda: Make sure that the vermicelli is very fine (angel hair pasta is ok but the very fine vermicelli that […]

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Nepali Sauces & Marinades

Chicken Chili Marinade Shrimp Marinade Babari ko Achar (Mint Chutney) Sekuwa Marinade Lamb Marinade   Chicken Chili Marinade Marinade: -1 cup yogurt -1 tablespoon lemon juice -2 tablespoons soy sauce -½ cup onions, roughly chopped -1 teaspoon cumin seeds -1 teaspoon pepper corn -1 teaspoon timur (szechwan pepper) -2 fresh red chilies -2 tablespoons mustard […]

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Nepali Vegetarian Dishes

Pickled Potatoes (Aloo Acchar) Vegetable MOMO Pumpkin Vine Tips Mustard Greens Bhutuwa Vegetable and Cheese Bhutuwa Alu-Tarkari Eggplant Bhutuwa Alu Tama (Potato with Bamboo Shoot) Beans and Bamboo Shoots Vegetable Curry Thukpa (Himalayan Vegetable-Noodle Stew Masaura and Potato Tarkari Bitter Melon Tarkari Cheese-Stuffed Cabbage Black Lentil Deep Fried Patties (Bara) or (Badha)   Pickled Potatoes […]

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Nepali Meat Dishes

Chicken Bhutua Jwanu Chicken Sekuwa Chicken Takari Chicken Potato Curry Alu-Tarkari Nepali Goat Curry Aloo Tama Spicy Grilled Chicken Sauteed in Chili Sauce Payajra Dhulo Masu Gorkhali Shrimp Gorkhali Lamb Lamb Quantee Sesame Lamb Chhwela Chicken Bhutua Ingredients 1.5 lb. Chicken, black and white, cut into 1-in pieces (can also be substituted with lamb) 5 […]

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Nepal Paintings

Paintings Besides archaeological excavations, two other areas that reveal a lot about Nepalese culture, both past and present, are painting and sculpture. Fortunately, there are many fine and well-preserved articles that have survived the passage of time and thus enabled detailed research to be made. Looking briefly at the history of Nepalese painting, it appears […]

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Nepalese Monarchy

The deaths of King Birendra and his heir-apparent, Dipendra, in the aftermath of June 1 ‘accidental’ shoot-out mark the end of an era of direct succession of kingship established by the founder of modern Nepal, King Prithvi Narayan Shah in the beginning of the 18th century. The line of succession has now been shifted from […]

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