Cambodian Meat Recipes

Authentic Cambodian cuisine includes an array of delicious meat recipes for fish, pork and chicken, using curries, spices, local condiments, fruit and vegetables; Aioan Chua Noeung Phset Kretni Cambogee Beef Red Beef Curry Cambogee Eggplant with Pork & Shrimp Coconut Fish Curry Parcels  Amok Trei Pakon Char Poat Koun (Shrimp with baby corn) Tamarind Chicken […]

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Pakistani Meat Dishes

Chicken Jalfarezi Ginger Chicken Palak Muragh Anokhay Kabaab Raan Masaledar Prawns in Spicy Coconut Sauce Chicken Masalah Lamb Pasanday Taway kay Kabab Nauratan Galawat kay Kabab Shahi Korma Chicken Jalfarezi Ingredients 3 lb. Chicken breast-boneless 8 oz Green Pepper 8 oz Tomato 8 oz Onion (Red-Large) 1 t Cumin Seed 10 Garlic cloves 2 oz […]

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Burma Meat Dishes

Lamb with Yogurt Chicken Curry Nwa Mee Hinga (Oxtail & Watercress) Kyethar Susie Kyaw Chicken with Chili Pork And Pumpkin Stew Red Pork Pot Roast Rakhine Noodle (Rakhine Moat-tee)  Mohinga King Prawn Salad Burmese Pork Curry Nga Baung Doke (Fish in Banana Leaves) Kyazangi Kaukswe (Rice Noodles with Curry) Pyi-Gyi Nga Kazun Ywet (Squid & […]

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Japanese Meat Dishes

Awabi Sakami (Sweet Cooked Abalone) Chicken and Egg Domburi Dango Jiru (Dumplings with Miso) Steamed Egg Pot Tempura Japanese Oden Tuna Tataki Yakitori Buta Zen Mai (Pork with Fern Shoots) Chicken Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki Kabobs Ebi Kimizushi (Prawn Sushi with Egg Yolk) Nikujagai Tori No Kara-Age Deep-fried Chicken Nuggets Shabu-shabu Awabi Sakami (Sweet Cooked Abalone) […]

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Laos Meat Dish Recipes

  Meat recipes from Laos included; Aioan Chua Noeung Phset Kretni Stir Fried Chicken With Mushrooms Sousi Pa Fish With Coconut Cream Steamed Fish With Young Ginger Sousi Pa Gnon (Small Catfish) Pa Ling Sousi Haeng (Piquant Fried Catfish) Ua No Mai (Stuffed Bamboo Shoots) Yall Dip (Fresh Spring Rolls) Sien Savanh (Lao Beef Jerky) […]

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Bangladeshi Meat Recipes & Dishes

Bangladesh Meat Recipes

Rice is the main staple of the Bangladeshi people, served with an array superb curry recipes. Bangladeshi recipes and dishes exhibit strong aromatic flavours and frequently include eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines. A variety of spices and herbs, along with mustard oil and ghee, is used in authentic Bangladeshi cooking. The main breads are naan, […]

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Bhutan Meat Recipes - Kewa Phagsha

Bhutan Meat Recipes

Pork, beef and chicken are the meats most often eaten in Bhutan, along with an array of vegetables such as; Spinach, pumpkins, turnips, radishes, tomatoes, river weed, onions and green beans. Grains such as rice, buckwheat and barley are also cultivated, depending on the local micro-climate. Rice is a staple part of a Bhutanese meal, usually accompanied […]

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Vietnam Meat Dishes Index

Vietnamese meat dishes are many and varied, the following index to Vietnam recipes and dishes covers meats, poultry and seafood items in both traditional and modern fusion cuisine. Page 1 Vietnamese Spring Rolls Fresh Spring Rolls Chicken Curry Sour Fish Head Soup BBQ Five-Spice Game Hens Tom Yam Goong  (Hot & Sour Soup) BBQ Shrimp […]

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Vietnamese Meat Recipes #1

Vietnamese meat recipes in this section encompass pork, beef, chicken and seafood – accompanied with rice or noodle dishes, plus soup recipes. Vietnamese Spring Rolls Fresh Spring Rolls Chicken Curry Sour Fish Head Soup BBQ Five-Spice Game Hens Tom Yam Goong (Hot & Sour Soup) BBQ Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane Fried Rice with Sausage, […]

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Vietnam Meat Recipes #2

Hue Rice Chicken in Lemon Grass Lamb in Hot Garlic Sauce Stir-fried Lamb with Mint and Chili Shrimp on Crab Legs Stuffed Chicken Wings Vietnamese Pork Sticks Vietnamese Crepes  Hue Rice (Com Huong Giang) Yield: 4 servings Ingredients 3 c Cooked rice 1 tb Dried shrimp 1 tb Toasted sesame seeds 1 Stalk fresh lemon […]

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