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Korean Cuisine - Food & Recipes of Korea
Korean cuisine revolves around rice, vegetables, and meats. Traditional meals are remarkable for the number and variety of side dishes steamed short-grain rice. Kimchi is often served at each meal. Frequently used ingredients are; sesame oil, fermented bean paste, soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, pepper flakes and fermented red chili paste
As in other Asian countries, popularity of ingredients and creation of dishes varies between provinces. In some cases, previously regional dishes been incorporated as part of the national cuisine. Thus, dishes that were once regional have proliferated in different variations across the country.
Condiments are many and varied. Fermented condiments include; ganjang, doenjang, gochujang and vinegars. Spices used in Korea recipes include; red pepper, black pepper, Chinese pepper, cordifolia, mustard, chinensis, garlic, onion, ginger, leek, and spring onion.

Korean Cuisine & Recipes of Korea

Bibimbap Mixed Rice

Bibimbap Mixed Rice

Bibimbap, sometimes spelled bi bim bap or bi bim bop, is a popular Korean dish. The word literally means “mixed rice”. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste), soy sauce, or doenjang (a fermented soybean paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The hot dish is stirred together thoroughly just […]

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Korean spicy mixed noodles

Mixed Spicy Noodles

The Ingredients Sauce 1/2 cup kimchi, chopped approximately 1/3 cup kimchi liquid 1 clove minced garlic 1 tsp sugar 1/4 cup hot pepper paste (gochujang)* 2 tsp sesame oil 1 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp roasted sesame seeds 1 hard boiled egg 200 g somyeon noodles The Garnish Cucumber strips, roasted seaweed strips […]

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Spicy rice cakes - Korea

Spicy Rice Cakes

Ingredients 1 pound rice cakes for tteokbokki (garaeddeok) 4 cups water 7 dried anchovies, remove head and guts 6 x 6 inch dried kelp (dasima) 1/4 cup hot pepper paste (gochujang) 1 tbsp hot pepper flakes (gochugaru) 1 tbsp honey 3 green onions, cut into 3 inch long pieces, cut white part in half lengthwise. […]

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Napa cabbage & soybean paste soup

Napa Cabbage Soybean Paste Soup

Korean napa cabbage & soybean paste soup is a healthy and delicious daily part of Korean cuisine. Napa cabbage is primarily used for making kimchi or Korean pickles, but is often used for soup, side dishes, or as an ingredient in a main dish. You can buy a small Napa cabbage (or bok choi) for […]

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Songpyeon - Korean rice cake

Songpyeon – Korean Rice Cakes

Chuseok is a Korean harvest festival and as in all countries, special delicacies are made to celebrate this special occasion. Whereas the Chinese have their Moon Ccakes, the people of Korea have the “songpyeon“. Made from rice flour, this traditional rice cake is kneaded into balls and and stuffed with sesame seeds, beans, or chestnuts. […]

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Kaktugi Kimchi – Cut Pickled Radish

Ingredients: 1 lb Korean radish peeled, and cut into 1″ cubes 3 x scallions or equivalent in Chinese chives cut into 2″ lengths 1 x garlic head – (abt 12 cloves) peeled and chopped 1 piece fresh ginger – (1″ long) chopped 3 tbl hot red chili powder – (or 4 tbspns) to taste 1 […]

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Korean Desserts

Ttok’wach’ae (Rice-Cake Fruit Cup Songpyon (Half-Moon-Shaped Rice Cake) Samsaekchuak (3-Color Sweet Cumplings) Samsaekchuak (3-Color Sweet Dumplings) Ingredients 5 cups glutinous rice 1 tbsp. salt 20 jujubes 2 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. honey food coloring(pink, green) 3 cups frying oil 1/2 cuphoney or syrup Directions Wash the glutinous rice and soak it in water. Drain, grind […]

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Korean Vegetarian Dishes

Korean BBQ Tofu Spinach Soup (Korean Malgun Sigumchi Kuk) Hot Cucumbers Phreelee Bindaetuk Scallion Pancakes Great Kimchee Korean Bean Sprouts Cucumber Salad Seasoned Potatoes Seasoned Spinach Spinach (Korean Sigumchi Namul) Bean Thread Sesame Noodles With Vegetables Korean BBQ Tofu Yield: 1 servings Ingredients 1-1 1/2 lbs firm tofu 1/2 c Soy sauce 5 6 T […]

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Bulgogi - Korean meat recipes & dishesd

Korean Meat Dishes

Kuljon (Oysters Fried in Egg Batter) Bulgogi Chapche Mixed Vegies with Beef Chen Ya  Korean Meat Fritters Jeot Khal  Spiced Whitebait Cheon  Seafood And Vegetable Omelet Khal Bi  (Korean Beef BBQ) Korean BBQ Chicken Chap Jae Bibimbap  Vegies and Beef on Rice Pork Roast Beef Sticks Stir-Fried Cucumbers And Beef Shin Sul Ro  Korean Hot Pot Kuljon (Oysters Fried in Egg Batter) Ingredients […]

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Korean Food Guide

For centuries,the Koreans have eaten the the products of the sea, the fields and the mountains. Korean foods are very special, exotic and particular. The most distinguishing feature of the Korean food is the spiciness. The basic seasonings; red pepper, green onion, soy sauce, bean paste, garlic, ginger, sesame, mustard, vinegar, wine have been combined […]

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