Common Ingredients: A-L

A huge variety of herbs and spices, curry pastes and condiments are integral parts of dishes across Asia. Unlike bland Western dining, there is no salt or pepper in sight, and certainly no tomato ketchup! Instead, dishes are intensely flavourful and often accompanied by a sauce specific to each dish… The innate complexity of Asian […]

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Indonesian Ingredients Glossary

Some More Translations Below This Table English Hindi Telugu Tamil Kannada Malayalam  Marathi Bengali Gujarathi Urdu  Almond  Badam  Badam  Badam    Badam  Badam  Badam  Badam  Badam  Asafoetida  Hing  Inguva  Perungayam  Hingu  Perungayam  Hing  Hing  Hing  Hing  Barley  Jau  Barli biyyam  Barli arisi  Barli  Yavam  Jau  Job  Jau  Jau  Beetroot    Beetroot         […]

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