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Cambodian (Khmer) Ingredients

 Many ingredients in Cambodian recipes are similar to those used in adjacent countries; Rice paddy herb. Ma-om Fishwort. Chee poel trey Sweet basil leaves. Chee_korhom Asian coriander. Xang_hum Chive Ka-chay Pepper mint. Chee ankam derm Cilantro. Chee van_suy Chen Saw leaf. Chee pa-la(chee parang). Ginger. Chnay Asian Rhubard. Kdath Long string bean. Sdet_kur Asian Eggplant. […]

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Korean Cooking Ingredients

Bean The Common bean or haricot, although commonly known as a “vegetable”, is actually a fruit, because it develops from a plant ovary and houses seeds. Chilies The Chili is a member of the Capsicum family and is available in many different varieties from mild to burning hot. Garlic It may make you breath smell […]

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Basic Thai Ingredients

Any number of Asian stir-fries begin with garlic cooked in oil. But if you add chilies, kaffir lime leaves, sugar, and fish sauce, a stir-fry takes on a delicious, unmistakably Thai flavor. The result is an explosion of salty, spicy, sweet, and sour flavors that sparkle with personality yet all harmonize on the plate. Indeed, […]

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Ingredient Substitutions

We have four lists of ingredient substitutes from various sources. Below are two general ingredient lists. There are also Thai / Asian and Philippine ingredient substitution lists. Food Substitute Allspice (1 tsp) 1 tsp. cinnamon plus 1/8 tsp. ground cloves. Apple Pie Spice 4 parts cinnamon, 1 part nutmeg and 1 part ginger. Baking Powder (1 […]

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Laos Ingredients

Some Traditional Cooking Ingredients from Laos Illustrator – Soun Vannithone   Bamboo Shoots Small Eggplants Sweet Basil Leaves Lemon Glass Galingale Coriander Chilli Peppers Yard-Long Beans Water Spinach Kaffir Lime Leaves Snakehead Dried Buffalo Skin Tam Ling Tamarind  

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Kosher Ingredients 1

Kosher Ingredients and Information The various methods of Asian cooking allow for the easy substitution of ingredients, so keep this in mind when planning your menu. Buy the freshest ingredients and best quality products you can find, but remember that you can also improvise with whatever you might have on hand. For the occasional dish […]

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Kosher Ingredients 2

Vegetables and Vegetable Products Green Leafy Vegetables such as bok choy and Chinese mustard greens used in cooking are from the cabbage family. Stir fried or cooked in soups for a short time so that they retain their bright colour, crispness and vitamins. Chinese cabbages are a good source of calcium. Bamboo Shoots Bamboo shoots […]

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Philippine Recipe Ingredients

Vegetables Alogbati – Malabar spinach Ampalaya – bitter melon Dahon ng sili – chili pepper leaves Gabi – taro Kabute – fungus Kamote – sweet potatoes Kamoteng Kahoy – cassava Kangkong – swamp cabbage Labanos – white radish Labong – bamboo shoots Malunggay – horseradish tree Munggo – mung beans Pechay – bok choi Puso […]

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Indonesian Ingredients

    Basil, Lemon (daun kemangi):  A fragrant, lemon-scented herb added at the last minute to keep its flavor, or used as a grarnish. Although the flavor will be different, you can use another type of basil. Candlenut (tingkih/kemiri):A round, cream-colored nut with an oily consistency used to add texture and a faint flavor to […]

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Asian Recipe Ingredients - M to Z

Common Asian Recipe Ingredients: M-Z

Common Asian Recipe Ingredients M to Z Asian recipe ingredients are almost as numerous as the dishes that are produced using them! A huge variety of Asian herbs and spices are combined in a multitude of curry recipes, to which endless selection of meats and vegetables are added. (SE Asian Cooking Ingredients A- L) Onion […]

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Asian cooking ingredients - A to L

Asian Cooking Ingredients: A-L

Asian cooking ingredients are selected from a huge variety of herbs and spices, curry pastes and condiments. These are integral parts of dishes across Asia. Unlike bland Western dining, there is no salt or pepper in sight, and certainly no tomato ketchup! Instead, dishes are intensely flavourful and often accompanied by a sauce specific to […]

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Indonesian Ingredients Glossary

Some More Translations Below This Table English Hindi Telugu Tamil Kannada Malayalam  Marathi Bengali Gujarathi Urdu  Almond  Badam  Badam  Badam    Badam  Badam  Badam  Badam  Badam  Asafoetida  Hing  Inguva  Perungayam  Hingu  Perungayam  Hing  Hing  Hing  Hing  Barley  Jau  Barli biyyam  Barli arisi  Barli  Yavam  Jau  Job  Jau  Jau  Beetroot    Beetroot         […]

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