Culture of Kabul

Beijing/Peking Opera

Beijing/ Peking Opera Beijing opera, more commonly known as Peking opera to westerners, is deemed the national opera of China. The accompanying music, singing and costumes are all fascinating and artistic. Full of Chinese cultural facts, the opera presents to the audience an encyclopedia of Chinese culture as well as unfolding stories, beautiful paintings, exquisite […]

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China Country Information

When Hong Kong reverted to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, it was as though the dragon had swallowed the pearl and Hong Kong as we knew it would be gone forever. But there is the possibility that assimilating the pearl may change the dragon, too. Mainland China has been through so many upheavals in the past […]

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Chinese Culture

The Chinese Government View | An Outsider’s View A Brief Introduction to Chinese Culture (Chinese Government View)People’ Daily View China is wonderous and awe-inspiring. It has a history of five thousand years. It is the only continuous ancient civilization. Other ancient civilizations have changed, discontinued, withered or perished. Why is it so enduring? Why is […]

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