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WP technical support services cover the full range of tasks involved in a WordPress site; installation and configuration, implementation of mobile-responsive design themes, fixing broken web sites, resolving lock outs, site security, recovery / restore from backup, WP page load speed optimisation and much more…

I’ve been building and supporting WordPress websites since version 1.5, way back in 2005! WordPress tech support services are based on 8 years of daily experience in WordPress website design, troubleshooting, client site management and WP SEO projects. Expert WordPress technical support service options include;

WordPress Trouble Shooting

WordPress tech support and troubleshooting encompasses a variety of issues that can cause consternation to a site owner.

  • Getting locked out of admin
  • Headers Already Sent errors
  • 500 Server Errors / broken site
  • and much more!


WP Security Services

Securing a WP small business website is a crucial risk management strategy. We are able to;

  • Install the best WordPress website security applications and firewalls
  • Provide rugged protection from hacking attempts
  • Enforce strong passwords
  • Block brute force login attacks

WordPress Database & File Backups

A regular backup regime, with backups stored off-site, is just plain commonsense! We can provide;

  • A Full Site Backup with off-site storage
  • Automation of Monthly Database Backups, with off-site storage
  • Recovery from Backup as.if required

WordPress Website Migration

From time to time its necessary to relocate your website to another hosting company, and we can help you move the entire site to its new location, install and configure it and test that it is all working as it should be. We can also assist with;

  • Locating new hosting for you
  • Switching DNS (domain name server) records to point to the new hosting location
  • Configuring hosting account – adding email addresses, setting up anti-spam and more
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