Website Maintenance Services

A comprehensive annual Web Site Maintenance plan provides effective measures to protect your valuable content from hackers and data loss. Having a good Disaster Recovery Plan makes sound business sense, but it never occurs to many small business website owners. That’s where a competent webmaster comes in, to manage all the tedious and complicated website stuff, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Website Maintenance plans

Annual Website Maintenance Services plans should include;

  • Regular checks for updates for software and plugins to ensure you've got the latest security updates, bug fixes and product enhancements installed immediately they are available.
  • Installation of Backup Software, automation of a backup schedule, using software that provides comprehensive Backup and Restore facilities, and scheduling of backups which are transferred off-site to secure Cloud Storage.
  • Implementation of WordPress Security measures
  • Installation of Caching - for both static and database-driven sites, we can implement various page load speed options in .htaccess.
  • Web Site Maintenance – minor amendments to pages, correcting typographical errors, fixing broken hyperlinks.
  • Emergency WP Tech Support Response for urgent repairs, maintenance, WordPress website hacking attack recovery and self-inflicted breakages...

Annual Website Maintenance Plan Costs:

  • NZ$300 per year, paid annually in January/
  • Managed Web Hosting: for an extra NZ$75 per year – 1 site, Cpanel-based hosting on a Litespeed web server located in the US. I also provide website hosting relocation services.

Basically, we do all the tedious technical work, leaving you free to work on your core business activities!

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