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NZ SEO consultant services for all mainstream ecommerce and content management systems – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Xenforo etc. I have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience in WordPress SEO since WordPress since v1.5 and provide consulting, design & implementation. I also deliver expert consultancy on;

  • Website maintenance plans »
  • Website Security – web application firewalls and brute force login protection »
  • Website migration to new hosting»
  • Website hacking recovery and remediation »
  • Redesign & Migration – anything migrated into WordPress (Weebly, Squarespace, WIX etc)
  • Website technical support services »

Regardless of your requirements, The SEO Guy is the right provider of  NZ SEO consultant services to help resolve your particular issues. I have related websites, albeit with different content, that focus on website design / redesign, site maintenance and tech support. These offer extensive information on their respective topics;

  • Website Revamps –
  • Website Maintenance –
  • WP Technical Support –

The evolution of SEO over the years has resulted in professional consultants needing to have a sound grasp of multiple aspects site functionality. It is no longer enough to build hundreds of links – Google considers spelling and grammar, page load speeds, security, content optimisation and other factors.

On-Page Content Optimisation:

Ensuring that your website effectively aligns with keywords search phrases in current use is essential. Not only does it improve your organic search results, it also reduces the cost of Adwords Pay-per-click due to Quality Score factors.

Page Load Speed:

No one links a slow website! Google says that sites should load in under 3 seconds on a desktop device, and on a mobile device the above the fold content should show in 1 second. A professional SEO consultant should know exactly how to optimise your website for fastest possible load times.

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Google warns visitors if your site is not running in HTTPS / SSL mode. They also place alerts on your listings if your site gets hacked and contains malware! Therefore, an experienced SEO consultant will assess and advise on secutity issues, particularly on CMS sites.

The SEO Guy has been an IT manager & consultant for some 25 years, a website designer and provider of NZ SEO consultant services for 20+ years. In that time, he has optimised websites in multiple genres and scales in NZ, AU, UK and the USA.

There are few people with such extensive experience in providing SEO consultant services in Australasia. The SEO consulting expertise and the range of skills and experience that I can bring to bear on a project are hard earned! There are even fewer people with the passion I have for getting a job done on time and within budget. When consulted, The SEO Guy gives a project quote and accepts a deposit payment – and is then committed 100% to a successful outcome… He works quickly and efficiently, and can usually produce miracles in moments!”

Please contact The SEO Guy for expert professional SEO consultancy assistance and a 100% guarantee of personal service!

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