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Certified Translation of Personal Documents

Contact us when you need an official translation of any document into almost any language. We are the Auckland experts in certified translation services and have been translating personal documents for over 2 decades.

We process birth certificate translations, police certificates, academic transcripts and pretty much anything else you are ever likely to need for Immigration, Citizenship, NZQA, a university or any other purpose.

We understand exactly what every organization and Government office in New Zealand requires and accepts. We’re an approved translator for Government departments, and a certified translation from us will be accepted everywhere. When you need certified birth & marriage certificate translation services in Auckland New Zealand we are the people to call!

Certified Translation Services – Main elements:

  • All types of documents translated
  • Over 80 languages translated
  • We’re an approved translator for Government departments
  • Our translations are accepted by all organisations
  • Our selective translations will save you money


Process for a certified translation

  1. E-mail us your documents, tell us what languages they are, and include your phone number. We’ll e-mail you to confirm the pricing, the options for making payment, and when your translation(s) will be ready.
  2. Visit our offices with your documents Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. No appointment is necessary.  If you would like to discuss anything with us, phone us on 0508 872 675 or (09) 913 5290.
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Certified Translation Services Costs

For most selective translations (translation of relevant information only):

  • $46 per document
  • With a minimum job charge of $69
  • Prices include GST.

For documents translated in full, and for some longer selective translations, prices vary depending on the type of document. We will need to see the document to price it.

Normal Turnaround: 3 working days, but ” urgent service” may be possible.

Want a quote? E-mail us your document(s) or call into our office.


What can our Certified Translations be used for?

Our translations can be used for virtually all purposes and submitted to virtually all New Zealand authorities. They include the following uses:

Immigration translation

We translate many documents to accompany a visa or residence application. Frequently this will be a birth certificate translation, but it can also be many other types of document.

Citizenship translation

These are translations to support an application for New Zealand citizenship to The Department of Internal Affairs.

For a Citizenship translation we need to receive your original document, as the Department will only accept translations of original documents. A selective certified translation will normally be accepted for most documents.

Translations for NZQA

These are documents to be submitted to New Zealand Qualifications Authority to assess overseas academic qualifications.

Other purposes

There are many other uses for our certified translations. These include:

  • for Universities, schools and other educational institutes
  • evidence for the Courts and legal matters
  • job applications
  • embassies and consulates
  • general private use


Which documents do we translate?

Birth certificate translation

When we translate birth certificate documents it is usually so our clients can prove who they are, or their relationship to other family members.

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We normally do a selective certified translation for birth certificates. We use a standard template and complete the relevant information from your original certificate. This is accepted by all New Zealand authorities for the translation of birth certificate documents. Of course we can always translate your document in full if you prefer.

Not all countries issue individual birth certificates. In this case, entries in a range of other documents can be translated instead. For example, several Asian countries use a family register, a household register can be issued in China. Gujarati and Marathi ration books also have all the information normally required.

  • Marriage certificate translation
  • Police certificate translation
  • Divorce certificate translation
  • Death certificate translation
  • Academic translation

Other documents

Many other types of document are included in our certified translation services, including:

  • Family and household registers
  • name change documents (particularly Thai and Indonesian)
  • ID documents
  • employment references & certificates
  • support letters
  • documents to establish relationships
  • bank and financial documents

Contact Pactranz.com for assistance.

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