Laos Sauce Recipes

Lao Salad Dressing Ingredients 1/4 c Lemon juice 1/4 ts Chopped garlic 2 tb Fish sauce 3 tb Ground roasted peanuts 1/4 c Sugar 1/4 c Water- Dash cayenne pepper 1 t Chopped coriander leaves 1-2 ea fresh red chilis-sliced 2-3 T chopped white onion Directions In a small sauce pan, cook sugar in water […]

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Thai Sauce Recipes - Peaunt Sauce

Thai Sauce Recipes

Thai Sauce Recipes – Descriptions & Uses Thai sauce recipes vary region to region, and are generally delicious – albeit spicy… regional Thai cuisine is rich and complex Prik Naam Plaa Sauce: Fish sauce made with sliced chilies and sometimes, lime juice. This sauce goes with any dish. Sort of like a universal sauce. Fish […]

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Cambodian Sauces Recipes

A selection of authentic Cambodian sauce recipes: dipping sauces, curry sauces, mango salsa, coconut sauce and salad dressing… Salad Dressing Lemon Grass Curry Sauce Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce Tirk trey chu p’em (Sweet fish sauce) Tirk umpel (Tamarind sauce) Tirk kreoung pahok (Grilled fish with pickle) Red Curry Cambogee Ginger Fish Dipping Sauce Pickle Fish […]

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Japanese sauces

Japanese Sauces

Basic Teriyaki Sauce Daikon Sauce Amazu Shoga (Pickled Pink Ginger) Chirizu (Spicy Dipping Sauce for Sashimi) Bulldog Sauce Ponzu (Citrus sauce) Dengaku Miso Amazu (Sweet Vinegar) Cucumber Relish Oil and Vinegar Ginger Dressing Ichiban Dashi Donburi Ni Shiru (Dipping Sauce for Donburi)i Wasabi Sesame Dressingi Japanese Barbecue Sauce Katsuo Dashi (Basic Dashi Stock) Red Bean […]

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Bangladesh Sauces Recipes

Pineapple Chutney Tomato Chutney Cherry Chutney(1) Cherry Chutney(2) Kiwi Chutney Pineapple Chutney Courtesy: Sangeeta Ghosh Ingredients (for a serving size of 8 – cooking time : 45 mins) 2 medium pineapples 2 kashmire chilies 1 lime, juiced 1 ginger piece 2″ chopped 1 cup sugar 1 tbsp salt 100 gms dates or dried apricot finely […]

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Vietnamese Sauces

Vietnamese sauce recipes commence with an important element of Vietnamese cuisine – nuoc cham or the Vietnamese dipping sauce. Nuoc cham is a fish sauce-based dipping sauce, served with spring rolls in Vietnamese restaurants and with a number of other dishes. Nuoc Cham Nuoc Leo (Peanut Sauce) Mam Nem (Fermented Anchovy Dip) Nuoc Mam Cham […]

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Vietnam seasonings & sauces

Vietnamese Seasoning

Seasonings in Vietnamese Cooking The Chinese seasonings of garlic, scallions and onions, fresh ginger root and soy sauce are all part of Vietnamese cookery. But what makes the cuisine most distinctive is the addition of two special condiment sauces used both in cookery and at the table : nuoc mam and nuoc cham. These two […]

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Brunei Sauces Recipes

Sambal Bajak Sambal Terasi Sambal Kacang Sambal Oelek Sambal Terong Sambal Bawang Sambal Soto Sambal Kecap Sambal Kecap Manis Sambal Dabo Lilang Bajak Chili Sauce (Sambal Bajak) Ingredients 8 red chilies, seeded and sliced 1 tsp. dried shrimp paste (terasi), toasted ¼ tsp. grated nutmeg 3 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced 6 shallots, peeled and […]

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Chinese Condiments

Cooking Oil Polyunsaturated oils are preferred for Chinese cooking. Chinese consider peanut oil as being the most flavoursome, but corn, safflower, and soya oils are used. Butter, margarine, and olive oil are never used for Chinese wok cookery. Sauces Bean Sauce After soy sauce is brewed, the soybean pulp is removed from the vats and […]

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Vietnamese condiments

Vietnamese Condiments

From Chapter One of Authentic Vietnamese Cooking By Corinne Trang Condiments are an integral part of nearly every Vietnamese dish. The cuisine assumes that they necessarily complete an item rather than optionally enhance it. Complex in flavors and well balanced in terms of sweet and savory as well as texture, they are never used to […]

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Asian Condiments

Asian barbecue sauce   Notes:  This is made with oil, soy sauce, and other seasonings.  Don’t confuse it with the much sweeter American barbecue sauce. Asian chili paste bainiku  See umeboshi puree. bean paste  This name is used for both bean sauce and miso. bean sauce = bean paste = brown bean sauce = brown bean […]

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