Asian Meats Recipes


Tibetan Meat Dishes

Beef Momos are probably Tibet’s most famous dish, these are handmade by all the family and eaten on special occasions. Variations with lamb are also popular. Other popular Tibetan meat dishes include a range of curries and noodle stews. Sherpa Momos Beef Momos Lamb Momos Then Thuk – Noodle Soup Spring Soup Mar Jasha (Butter […]

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Mongolian Meat Dishes

Mongolian Lamb Mongolian Beef Pooz/Khoorshoor (old) Khorkhog Shulla Bansh Bantan Mongolian Barbecue Mongolian Hot Pot Huushuur (fried meat pasties) Steamed Booz Fried Booz Ul Boov Guriltai Shol Pyartan Mongolian Lamb Yield: 4 servings Ingredients 1 lb Boneless lamb — leg or shoulder 3 tb Soy Sauce; divided 1 tb Cornstarch 2 Garlic cloves; pressed 2 […]

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Bulgogi - Korean meat recipes & dishesd

Korean Meat Dishes

Kuljon (Oysters Fried in Egg Batter) Bulgogi Chapche Mixed Vegies with Beef Chen Ya  Korean Meat Fritters Jeot Khal  Spiced Whitebait Cheon  Seafood And Vegetable Omelet Khal Bi  (Korean Beef BBQ) Korean BBQ Chicken Chap Jae Bibimbap  Vegies and Beef on Rice Pork Roast Beef Sticks Stir-Fried Cucumbers And Beef Shin Sul Ro  Korean Hot Pot Kuljon (Oysters Fried in Egg Batter) Ingredients […]

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Malaysian Meat Dishes

Beriani Hae Mee (Prawn Mee Soup) Kurma Murtabak (Meat Crepes) Sambal Telor (Chille Eggs) Rendang Penang Curry Kapitan Steamboat Sizzler Enche Kabin Ayam Pongteh (Miso Soy Chicken) Yong Tau Foo Baked Fish (Otak-Otak) Char Koay Teow (Fried Flat Rice Noodles) Stir-fried Beef With Vegetables Mee Goreng Laksa Penang Satay (Barbecued Beef Wtth Peanut Sauce) Bak […]

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Pakistani Meat Dishes

Chicken Jalfarezi Ginger Chicken Palak Muragh Anokhay Kabaab Raan Masaledar Prawns in Spicy Coconut Sauce Chicken Masalah Lamb Pasanday Taway kay Kabab Nauratan Galawat kay Kabab Shahi Korma Chicken Jalfarezi Ingredients 3 lb. Chicken breast-boneless 8 oz Green Pepper 8 oz Tomato 8 oz Onion (Red-Large) 1 t Cumin Seed 10 Garlic cloves 2 oz […]

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Nepali Meat Dishes

Chicken Bhutua Jwanu Chicken Sekuwa Chicken Takari Chicken Potato Curry Alu-Tarkari Nepali Goat Curry Aloo Tama Spicy Grilled Chicken Sauteed in Chili Sauce Payajra Dhulo Masu Gorkhali Shrimp Gorkhali Lamb Lamb Quantee Sesame Lamb Chhwela Chicken Bhutua Ingredients 1.5 lb. Chicken, black and white, cut into 1-in pieces (can also be substituted with lamb) 5 […]

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Meat Recipes of India

Indian Meat Recipes A to F

Authentic Indian meat recipes are a special a treat, from succulent chicken recipes and spicy meat dishes to simple mango chutney and Indian breads… Recipes for cooking meat from India’s best regional cuisine, you will find recipes for mutton, lamb, pork and beef… [toc title=”A to F Meat Recipes:” title_tag=”strong” list=”ul” depth=”1″] Bombay Duck Chili […]

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Indonesian Meat Recipes 1

Indonesian meat recipes in Indonesia differ from other regions. The meat is usually fried until crisp – in fact you can buy sun-dried dendeng which only needs coating with bumbu and frying to serve. Popular throughout Southeast Asia and Indonesia, satay is strips of skewered meat, grilled over charcoals and then eaten with a spicy […]

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Indonesia Meats Recipes 2

Meat Recipes of Indonesia: Peanut Chicken Prawns with Peanut Sauce Opor Solo Beef Semur Rendang Sambal Goreng Ati Ampela Potato and Beef Perkedel Sweet and Sour Shrimp Perkedel Sambal Goreng Petai Clam Satay Beef Satay Bali Satay Prawn Crackers- Krupu Ayam Kacang Bukittingga (Peanut Chicken) Yield: 6 servings Ingredients 1 md Onions, sliced (1/2 cup) […]

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Philippines - Meat dishes & recipes

Philippines Meat Dishes

Chicken and Pork Adobo Hot and Sour Shrimp with Watercress And Walnuts Pork Binagoongan Laing Menudo Crispy Pata Pancit Canton Lumpia with Sweet Potatoes Mechado (Filipino beef stew) Longganisa (filipino-style sausages) Sinigang na Sugpo Sinigang (Tamarind Soup) Lengua Embutido Siomai Inihaw Na Bangus (Grilled Milkfish) Chicken and Pork Apretada Oxtail Kare-kare Bagoong Alamang Lumpiang Sariwa […]

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Singapore curry puffs

Singaporean Meat Dishes

Duck, Melon and Mango Salad Chili Crabs or Lobster Sayor Loday Smoked Spicy Chicken Singapore Noodles Chicken/Cucumber Broth (Huang Quar Gai Tong) Steamboat Sizzler Char Kway Teow Pepper Crab Crisp Curried Shrimp Stewed Pork in Claypot Mee Siam Opor Sotong Bak KutTeh Singapore Curry Puffs Chicken with Dried Chillies “Bak Kwa” (Bee Cheng Hiang) Roast […]

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Sri Lanka - meat recipes

Sri Lankan Meat Dishes

Beef Curry Chicken Curry Eggplant Curry Yellow Fish Curry Fish Curry Pineapple Curry Sri Lankan Cutlets Tripe Curry Cashew Curry Leeks Mirisata Lentils Sri Lankan Style Lunu Miris Malu Abulthiyal Pepper Crab Fried Hot Shrimp Smoked Spicy Chicken Sri Lankan Red Chicken Beef Curry Ingredients 3 lb Stewing beef (cut into pieces) 3-4 tbs. Vinegar […]

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Burma Meat Dishes

Lamb with Yogurt Chicken Curry Nwa Mee Hinga (Oxtail & Watercress) Kyethar Susie Kyaw Chicken with Chili Pork And Pumpkin Stew Red Pork Pot Roast Rakhine Noodle (Rakhine Moat-tee)  Mohinga King Prawn Salad Burmese Pork Curry Nga Baung Doke (Fish in Banana Leaves) Kyazangi Kaukswe (Rice Noodles with Curry) Pyi-Gyi Nga Kazun Ywet (Squid & […]

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Plov recipe Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Meat Dishes

Plov Recipe Ingredients: At least 1 pound of carrots. The more carrots you use, the sweeter and richer the plov will be. 1 head of garlic 4 to 5 medium yellow or white onions One to one-and-a half pounds of beef (get a cut with fat marbled through it–it’s much more tender when fried than […]

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Cambodian Meat Recipes

Authentic Cambodian cuisine includes an array of delicious meat recipes for fish, pork and chicken, using curries, spices, local condiments, fruit and vegetables; Aioan Chua Noeung Phset Kretni Cambogee Beef Red Beef Curry Cambogee Eggplant with Pork & Shrimp Coconut Fish Curry Parcels  Amok Trei Pakon Char Poat Koun (Shrimp with baby corn) Tamarind Chicken […]

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