Pakistani Desserts

Kheer Kheer 2 Besan Burfi Sewian Mango Ice Cream Rice Flour Pudding Gulab Jamuns Suji Halva Carrot Halva Rasgoola Kheer (Vermicelli Pudding) Recipe from Dalbir Chadda: What makes this dessert unusual is that it is not as sweet as most Indian desserts. It is fairly simple to make. Make sure that the vermicelli is very […]

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Burmese Desserts

Gin Thoke (Ginger Mix) Palm Sugar Sago  (Thagu-Pyin)  Seaweed Jelly  Rich Semolina  (Sanwinmakin) Hidden Treasure Monpetok) Moh Let Saung (Coconut Milk with Sago) Coconut Cream Sherbet (Shwe-Yin-Aye) Wrapped Bananas  (Kauknyintok) Mango Cake Gin Thoke (Ginger Mix) This after meal digestive tid bit is pronounced jintho . The Burmese are a very relaxed people. They sit […]

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Laos Dessert Recipes

Laotian desserts recipes, whilst very similar to Thailand in both name and form, may sometimes exhibit subtle differences; Sticky Rice and Mango (Khao Nieow Ma Muang) Baked Coconut Rice Pudding Oranges in Syrup Light Orange-blossom Oranges Bananas in Coconut Cream Banana Rice Pudding Another Banana Dessert Kuay Namuan – Bananas Cooked In Coconut Milk Serves. […]

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Vietnamese Dessert Recipes

Desserts in Vietnam: Not all Vietnamese eat desserts as we know them, although an array are always on sale to tempt children and sweet-toothed adults. Generally, meals are finished off with platters of fresh fruit. Here are a few popular Vietnamese dessert recipes; Fruits In Syrup Coconut Flan With Caramel Baked Coconut Rice Pudding Banana […]

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Brunei Dessert Recipes

Mangoes w/ Sticky Rice Black Rice Pudding Spiced Fruit Salad Kue Mangkok (cup cakes) Custard Tarts Coconut Sweet Potato Cake Es Cendol Mangoes With Sticky Rice Ingredients 1 cup Coconut cream 4 tablespoons Sugar 1 teaspoon Salt 4 Ripe mangoes 3 cups Sticky coconut rice Directions Mix the coconut cream with the sugar and salt, […]

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