AsiaRecipe.com was first registered in 1999, the site’s founder (Larry Wheeler) lived and travelled in Asia for almost 30 years. He collected recipes throughout his adventures, and added them to the website. As the site’s popularity grew, many people contributed recipes, and participated in the forum discussions.

Unfortunately, Larry ‘s failing health greatly impeded his mobility and enjoyment of life. The onset of diabetes was compounded by a stroke that left him pretty much bed-ridden for a couple of years, with speech difficulties adding to the frustration of immobility.

In the months prior to his death (July 2012) he was concerned to ensure that the AsiaRecipe.com website continue on after his passing. Having put hundreds of hours of effort over 12 years into building the website, he did not want that work wasted and lost.  He entrusted the website to friends on the condition that they care for and nuture it onwards into the future.

That trust was accepted. We have now completely rebuilt the website from the ground up, in a modern content management system. We’ve added illustrations to brighten up pages, we’ve written additional content and positioned it all into a coherent menu and navigation structure. That’s taken approximately 250 hours of effort…

AsiaReipe.com now encompasses over 600 pages of content encompassing Asian food recipes from the Asian continent and island chains, along with country information. 

We trust that our efforts honour Larry’s years of work, and will ensure that the website lives on…