Tibetanian Cuisine, Food & Recipes

Tibetan cuisine reflects local customs and climate and few crops grow at the high altitudes that characterises much of Tibet. However, there are a few areas in Tibet are low enough to grow rice, oranges, bananas, and lemon.

Flour milled from roasted barley, locally called tsampa, is the staple food of Tibet. Balep is the Tibetan bread eaten for breakfast and lunch. Thukpa consists of noodles of various shapes, vegetables and meat in broth, mainly consumed at dinner. In contrast to other Himalayan cultures, Tibetan dishes are traditionally served with bamboo chopsticks. Small soup bowls are also used

Meat dishes are yak, goat, or mutton – often dried, or cooked in a spicy stew with potatoes. Mustard seed is cultivated in Tibet, and is liberally used in its recipes.

Yak yoghurt, butter and cheese are regularly eaten. Some Tibetan dishes are also consumed in Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, various regions of northern Nepal and by Tibetan exiles in India.

Tibetanian Cuisine, Food & Recipes

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