Singaporean Cuisine, Food & Recipes

Singaporean Cuisine, Singapore Food & Recipes

Singapore cuisine is seen as both important to national identity and as a unifying cultural theme. Food is a frequent topic of conversation among Singaporeans, although religious dietary inhibitions are present. Muslims don't eat pork and Hindus don't eat beef, and vegetarianism is a popular choice.

People from different ethnic communities often eat together, with a mutual respect for each other's culture, selecting food that is acceptable to all.

Singaporean dishes have been promoted as a tourist attraction by the Tourism Board, in conjunction with its shopping. The government-organised the Singapore Food Festival is held in July as a celebration of Singapore's cuisine.

The multi-culturalism of local food, international fusion cuisine, and prices to meet all budgets helps create a S.E. Asian food paradise.

Singaporean Meat Dishes

Duck, Melon and Mango Salad Chili Crabs or Lobster Sayor Loday Smoked Spicy Chicken Singapore Noodles Chicken/Cucumber Broth (Huang Quar Gai Tong) Steamboat Sizzler Char Kway TeowPepper Crab Crisp Curried Shrimp Stewed Pork in Claypot Mee Siam Opor Sotong Bak KutTeh Singapore Curry Puffs Chicken with Dried Chillies "Bak Kwa" (Bee Cheng … [Read more...]

Singaporean Desserts


Kaya - Coconut Egg Jam Kueh Dadar Pisang Goreng Sweet Coconut Rice Balls Sentiling (Steamed Cassava Cuts) Kuih Pisang (Banana Cakes) Kueh Ko Sui Huat Kueh (Fatt Koh) Toddy Huat Kueh Coconut Cendol Kueh Bubur Cha-ChaBobochacha Sago Pudding Durian Green Bean Kueh Dadar Kueh Lapis Kueh Baulu Chwee Kueh/Kway Soon Kueh Kueh … [Read more...]

Singapore Food FAQ


Can you recommend some good vegetarian restaurants in Singapore?As you know, Singapore is a food paradise and we some terrific Indian and Chinese vegetarian restaurants! Here are some that you should definitely check out:Chinese vegetarian restaurants • Lingzhi (#01-01 Far East Square 7-13 Amoy Street / Tel: (65) 6538 2992) • Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant (Orchard … [Read more...]