Nepalese Cuisine, Food & Recipes of Nepal

Dal-bhat-tarkari is eaten throughout the country. Dal is a soup made of lentils and spices, served over bhat with tarkari vegetable curry. Usual condiments include extremely spicy chutney, either made from fresh ingredients, or any one of an array of fermented pickles. Accompaniments such as sliced lemon (kagati) or lime (nibua) and fresh chili peppers, known locally as khursani.

Some foods are a blend of Chinese, Tibetian and Indian foods, and in the example of momo. This Tibetian dumpling is made with Indian spices, originally filled with buffalo meat, but now also with goat, chicken meat plus various vegetables. Foods eaten during festivals include; Sel roti, patre.

Nepalese Cuisine, Food & Recipes

Nepalese cuisine reflects the cultural and geographic diversity of Nepal, with regional variations based on ethnicity, soil and climate.

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