Mongolia Cuisine, Mongolian Food & Recipes

Mongolian cuisine is less complex than that of most Asian countries. The most common rural dish is cooked mutton, often bereft of other ingredients. In the cities, a popular snack is buuz – dumplings filled with meat, cooked in steam. Bansh are dumplings boiled in water, whilst Khuushuur are deep fried in mutton fat. Regional dishes combine meat with rice or fresh noodles into stews; tsuivan, budaatai huurga or noodle soups; guriltai shol.

An unusual cooking method used on special occasions is meat & vegetables) cooked with stones preheated in a fire. This may be either chunks of mutton in a sealed milk can (known locally as Khorkhog), or within the abdominal cavity of a deboned goat or marmot, called Boodog.

Mongolia Cuisine, Food & Recipes

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