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Japanese cuisine offers a vast array of regional specialties known as kyodo-ryori. Many originate from dishes prepared using traditional recipes but with local ingredients. Of those, Kanto and Kansai regional foods are most prominent. Food from the Kanto region is stronger tasting, often using generous amounts of dark soy sauce. In contrast, Kansai regional meals are, in the main, lightly seasoned, and use a light soy sauce.

There are also distinctions between traditional formal “Japanese food” such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, and buckwheat noodles, and popular foods considered informal / non-traditional.

Western-style and Chinese dishes that have evolved in Japan are refrrered to as yoshoku. Popular dishes such as okonomiyaki are often regarded as food stand dishes, as were menu items such as yakitori and oden.
Traditional Japanese cuisine combines steamed white rice with one or several main dishes and side dishes. These are often accompanied by clear or miso soup and pickles.

Japanese Cuisine, Food & Recipes

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