Indian Cuisine, Food & Recipes

Indian cuisine encapsulates a broad array of regional dishes, inheriting aspects of religions, cultures and ethnic diversity. The Indian subcontiment is huge, with great variations in soil types, rainfalls & temperature profiles, slope, aspect and drainage. Thus, crops are equally diverse, with variations in availability across regions. Recipes also use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Added to that, recipes are influenced by religious and cultural nuances.

Foods have been melded by Hindu and Jain beliefs, a good example of which is vegetarianism, popular in Indian society.

Islamic influences date back to Mughal and Delhi Sultanate rulers, and Persian (Syrian) trade and interactions impacted on both North Indian and Deccani cuisine forms.

Over the centuries, foreign invaders, traders and colonial rulers resulted in the introduction of new food types and eating habits. The staple potato, an essential ingredient in many northern Indian recipes, came via the Portuguese. Indian cuisine has also shaped history - the spice trade to Europe is frequently quoted as the root cause of Europe's Age of Discovery. Indian food forms have had an impact across Southeast Asia.

Naan Bread Recipe – BBQ Oven


Whilst naan bread is traditionally cooked in an Indian tandoor (earthern) oven, that need not deter you from making naan in your oven at home. An excellent alternative to an oven is a hooded gas BBQ.Naan bread is best served hot, accompanied with traditional Indian / Pakistani / Bangladeshi dishes. Naan goes well with curries, chicken, kebabs etc. Because the dough for naan … [Read more...]

Indian Meat Recipes


Authentic Indian meat recipes are a special a treat, from succulent chicken recipes and spicy meat dishes to simple mango chutney and Indian breads... Recipes for cooking meat from India's best regional cuisine, you will find recipes for mutton, lamb, pork and beef...Kashmiri Gustaba Sag Paneer Fish Korma Tikya Kebab Prawn Curry Mughlai Chicken Malai … [Read more...]

Indian Desserts Recipes


 Popular Indian Desserts recipes such as Gulab Jamuns, Khee and Besan Burfi are included in our Indian recipe collection, along with cooking tips. Tasty and easy to prepare recipes for making a rage of desserts and sweets...Kheer Kheer 2 Sewian Mango Ice Cream Carrot Halwa Kheer Shrikhand Benne Biscuit Besan Milk Burfi Honey Glazed … [Read more...]

Indian Sauces Recipes


Garam Masala Bengali Garam Masala Coconut ChutneyNorth Indian Coconut Chutney (Thengai Thigayal)South Indian Tamarind Chutney Tomato Chutney Cashew Nut Chutney Cilantro ChutneyMalabar Curry Powder Chile Mustard Relish (Bengali Kasundi) Mango Chutney (Corom Chatni) Mint And Coriander Chutney Spiced Fruit Chutney Ambarella and Raisin Chutney Anchovy … [Read more...]

Indian Vegetarian Recipes


These Indian vegetarian recipes may not all be strictly vegetables... Some recipes have eggs, milk and cheese products included.Eggs in Spicy Almond Sauce Chick Pea Pancakes Dal Kofta Curry Bengali Eggplant with Mustard Seeds Indian Chickpeas Gobi Aloo Masaledar Sem Vegetable Kurma Vegetable Curry Green Pepper Curry Sookha Aloo Aloo-Pyaz Ka … [Read more...]

Indian Regional Recipes

The food available in India is as diverse as its culture, its racial structure, its geography and its climate. The essence of good Indian cooking revolves around the appropriate use of aromatic spices. The skill lies in the subtle blending of a variety of spices to enhance rather than overwhelm the basic flavor of a particular dish. These spices are also used as appetisers and … [Read more...]

Introduction to Indian Cuisine

What's for dinner tonight? Cumin, coriander and cardamom; mustard, mango powder, ginger; asafetida, fenugreek and chilies. And then there's turmeric, tamarind and saffron, curry leaf, coconut milk and kewara water, almonds, cashews and pistachios -- and those are just the seasonings! Only one place on the map incorporates this riot of sensory stimulation in its meals: India. … [Read more...]

Food Culture & History

India's cuisine is as rich and diverse as her people. The spectrum of Indian cuisine can be said to lie between two dietary extremes: vegetarianism and meat-eating. India is well-known for its tradition of vegetarianism which has a history spanning more than two millenia. However, this was not always the case. During the Vedic period (1500-500 BC), the priestly castes … [Read more...]

Food Tour of India

Most Indian cuisine are related by the similar usage of spices and the use of a greater variety of vegetables than many other cuisine. Religious and caste restrictions, weather, geography and the impact of foreigners have affected the eating habits of Indians. For example, Brahmins (one of the highest orders of caste) are strict vegetarians usually, but in the coastal states … [Read more...]