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Cambodian (Khmer) cuisine is one of the worlds oldest, with a focus on simplicity, freshness, seasonality and regionalism. It has earned respect for its restrained use of spices, its harmonious arrangement of contrasting flavours, textures and temperatures within the overall meal rather than a single dish, and its elegant presentation of dishes with an abundance of herbs, leaves, pickles, dipping sauces, edible flowers and other garnishes and condiments.

Cambodian’s staple food is rice, consumed by most Cambodians with all meals. There are many cooking styles and techniques. Appparently, Cambodians eat more rice per person than than any other race in the world! Like Thais, the Cambodian phrase for “Have you eaten?” is “Have you yet eaten rice yet?”.

There are over a hundred words and phrases for rice in the Cambodian language, and 100’s of varieties of indigenous rice. Aside from the fragrant jasmine-scented Malis rice, there are numerous strains of wild, brown and sticky rice.

Sticky rice is frequently eaten as a dessert with slices of fruit such as mango, served with sweetened coconut milk.

Rice snacks are available all day from street vendors of deep-fried rice cakes, garnished with chives and spinach. For breakfast, Cambodians enjoy the famous rice noodle soup (kuyteav) or rice porridge. Plain white rice is served with most family meals, usually with grilled fresh-water fish, soup, and an array of fresh seasonal herbs, salad leaves and vegetables.

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