Desserts & Sweets of Asia

Asian Desserts Recipes

An array of decadent desserts and mouth-watering sweets recipes from countries across Asia. From fresh fruit platters to moon cakes, from Brunei to Vietnam and everywhere inbetween... Next time you're stuck for inspiration, try one of the recipe options listed in this Desserts section.!

Sago Dessert Recipes


Gula Melaka Sago dessert recipe is popular in Malaysia, mildly sweet and tastes great... Try the recipe for this very popular Malaysian soft dessert, this has changed many people's opinion of sago!  :-) Sabudana - Sago Khichidi Recipe Ingredients:1 cup sabudana(sago) 1/2 tsp Sugar2 Green Chillieschopped finely 1/2 cup crushed groundnuts(coarse) 1 boiled & peeled potato2 … [Read more...]

Korean Desserts


Ttok'wach'ae(¶±È­Ã¤)  (Rice-Cake Fruit Cup Songpyon (Half-Moon-Shaped Rice Cake)Samsaekchuak(»ï»öÁÖ¾Ç) (3-Color Sweet Cumplings)Samsaekchuak (3-Color Sweet Cumplings) Ingredients5 cups glutinous rice 1 tbsp. salt 20 jujubes 2 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. honey food coloring(pink, green) 3 cups frying oil 1/2 cuphoney or syrupDirections Wash the … [Read more...]

Malaysian Desserts


Bubur Pulut Hitam Kue Mangkok Multilayered Butter Cake Crisp Sweet Striped Cookies Sticky Rice Cake in Brown Sugar Sauce Sweet Dodo Kueh Bahulu Almond London Cookies Nutty Blossom CookiesCoconut Sweet Potato Cake Spiced Fruit Salad Banana Fritters Sticky Rice Rolls Stuffed Pancake Roll Sweet Coconut Rice Balls Coconut Mooncake (Yeh Yoong Mooncake) Ping … [Read more...]

Afghan Desserts Recipes


Brides Fingers (Asabia el Aroos) Khatai Cookies Sheer Payra Fudge Kadu Bouranee Sabse BoraniBaklava Firnee Gosh Feel (Elephant Ear Pastries) Halwaua-e-Aurd-e-SujeeBrides Fingers (Asabia el Aroos) These lovely slender crisps of filo filled with sweetened nuts are as heavenly as baklava, much easier to prepare and to eat, and lower in calories and … [Read more...]

Indian Desserts Recipes


 Popular Indian Desserts recipes such as Gulab Jamuns, Khee and Besan Burfi are included in our Indian recipe collection, along with cooking tips. Tasty and easy to prepare recipes for making a rage of desserts and sweets...Kheer Kheer 2 Sewian Mango Ice Cream Carrot Halwa Kheer Shrikhand Benne Biscuit Besan Milk Burfi Honey Glazed … [Read more...]

Indonesian Desserts Recipes


Indonesian desserts recipes encompass a wide variety of delicious sweets, cakes and puddings. Many of the sweets are based are based on rice powder and coconut...Bubur Pulut Hitam Kue Mangkok Multilayered Butter Cake Crisp Sweet Striped Cookies Sticky Rice Cake in Brown Sugar SauceCoconut Sweet Potato Cake Spiced Fruit Salad Banana Fritters Sticky … [Read more...]

Philippine Desserts


 Bibingka Cassava Original Leche Flan Pumpkin Leche Flan Fruity Caramel Flan Coconut Rice Turon Ube Halaya Palitaw Pianono Cascaron - bitsu-bitsu Pich Pichi Mango Cream Cake Steamed Palm Sugar Custard Yema Balls Mango Chocolate Cream Cups_ Buko PieBrazo de Mercedes Ginataan Kutsinta Puto (Rice Muffins) Gulaman … [Read more...]

Singaporean Desserts


Kaya - Coconut Egg Jam Kueh Dadar Pisang Goreng Sweet Coconut Rice Balls Sentiling (Steamed Cassava Cuts) Kuih Pisang (Banana Cakes) Kueh Ko Sui Huat Kueh (Fatt Koh) Toddy Huat Kueh Coconut Cendol Kueh Bubur Cha-ChaBobochacha Sago Pudding Durian Green Bean Kueh Dadar Kueh Lapis Kueh Baulu Chwee Kueh/Kway Soon Kueh Kueh … [Read more...]

Tibetan Desserts


Whilst Tibet is more likely to conjure up visions of mountains than desserts, Tibetan cuisine does include a small range of sweet recipes, especially for special occasions.Cream Cheese Barfi Carrot BarfiSikarni Rasbari Dessert KhirCream Cheese Barfi(Sweetened Cream Cheese Cake) Ingredients1.5 lb cream cheese 1.5 lb sour cream 1 … [Read more...]

Thai Desserts Recipes

thai-sweets-mango coconut

Thai Sticky Rice and Mango (Khao Nieow Ma Muang) Baked Coconut Rice Pudding Oranges in Syrup Light Orange-blossom Oranges Khanom Thuay Khanom Chan Tab Tim Grob (Red Rubies) Thai Style Roti Black Sticky Rice Pudding (Kao Niow Dam) Coconut Jasmine Rice Pudding Khanom Krog Khanom Maw Geang Sweet Sticky Coconut Rice Thai Mix Dessert 9 Layers Desserts Lod Chong Nam … [Read more...]