Afghan Superstitions

  • A mag-pie is sitting on the wall, some message might come to us.
  • Cover your bald head or else it may start raining. :)
  • Don’t beat against the sandalI, it might rain. (sandalI is a popular means of keeping families warm in winter. It consists of a wooden squaretable about 40cm high covered with a big cotton quilt, and charcoal fire under neath in brazier.)
  • Don’t click the scissors, it brings about a fight.
  • Don’t look at the new moon in the face of a child, he may fall down.
  • He has got up from his left side, (It is said to those who look anxious, unhappy, and grim-faced).
  • I bit my tongue, someone must be backbiting on me.
  • If the comb falls down a guest will come.
  • If water (from a bowel) spells out with a sound, it means that some guest will come.
  • If you arrive somewhere at a time when others are just starting their meals it means that you mother-in-law likes you very much.
  • If you draw lines on the ground you will be in debt.
  • If you shake the bunch of keys it might bring about a fight.
  • If you sit on the threshold, your father will be in debt.
  • It is no good to cut your tatiloring on Tuesday.
  • My palm itches, I will obtain some money.,
  • My sole itches, I may travel.
  • Some evil door rubbed pigfat in her clothes and made her hateful to all.
  • Some one dropped Myrobalan on her in her wedding night and made her hateful to her husband.
  • Water throbbed in his throat, who remembered him? (Means someone is either thinking of the person or the person’s name is mentioned somewhere)
  • Water was shed, it is a good omin.
  • Your right eye-lash throbbed you will face happiness.
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